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Spanish Immersion Program

Welcome to our site!

The information provided here will give you a general overview of our outstanding Spanish Immersion program which offers you personalized language instruction intertwined with cultural activities.

Program and Facilities:

The Spanish Immersion program is based on a modular design, each module lasting one week (five days).

You may register for a minimum of one week--we recommend starting on a Monday--and continue for as long as you like.

Our basic program includes 20 classroom hours of individualized instruction per week in our impressive 19th-century building on our main campus in downtown Hermosillo.

You spend two hours per day with your main instructor whose training includes not only teaching but also immersion procedures.

Your starting point and rate of progress is determined by this teacher.

Two more hours are spent with support teachers who are responsible for helping you put your knowledge to practical use.

Why is the support teacher position so important to you?

Your time here is limited, and we recognize the value of each hour of study.

The support teacher is the bridge between what will at first seem to be an overwhelming amount of information and your ability to go out and actually speak and understand Spanish.

The support teachers ensure that what you learn with your main teacher becomes a functional part of your language.

Lunch Break:

The Spanish Immersion program follows a U.S.-type schedule in that you break for lunch about noon rather than later in the day.

Your lunch break serves two purposes.

One, Mexican food is great. Hermosillo also has Oriental, Italian, vegetarian and a host of other types of restaurants, including fast-food.

Two, our program is very intensive, and giving the mind a break is essential.

Cultural Activities: Hermosillo has a rich heritage, and the old blends well with the new.

Because people's interests vary, we offer a variety of cultural excursions from which students may choose.

First-time visitors may be eager to "do it all" while students who have been here before know how they would like to spend their extra time.

A tour of downtown Hermosillo is provided for the first-time student.

Other activities may be arranged on an individual basis.

Registration and Tuition:

A $200.00 USD registration fee/deposit is payable in advance.

The registration is payable only once regardless of the number of weeks you stay.

Course tuition is $400.00 USD per week per person, payable weekly.

Families and groups of two or more should ask about our group rates.

Also, inquire about discounts if you plan to study at our University for three or more consecutive weeks.

Tuition includes all instruction and program materials, use of our computer center and library, and the Hermosillo tour.

A nominal charge for related cultural activities may apply.

Although we feel that four hours per day of classroom instruction provides maximum learning, additional hours of instruction are available at $25.00 USD per hour.


To give you the most opportunity to practice Spanish, we recommend that you stay with a Mexican family.

Our "homestay" program offers a true family-environment; we do not put you up in a boarding-house.

Homestay with one of our pre-selected families is $200.00 per week (seven days) for an individual or $300.00 per week for two people sharing the same room.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel during your visit to Hermosillo, we can help you make arrangements.

Special Requests:

If you have particular interests or needs, please let us know.

We invite special requests and will try to accommodate you in any way that we can.